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EA327 - Submissives Guide

Erotic Awakening

This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast, Dan & dawn talk to the amazing LunaKM (@lunaKM) about The Submissive Guide (http://www.submissiveguide.com/), “a look at mentoring, self-taught training and BDSM exploration”.

Plus, our question of the day asks how do bottoms get the sex they want without ‘topping from the bottom’!

Plus, apes; crowded vacation spots; strap on bats; and singing Masters

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about what a Master in a power exchange relationship needs to do to support there slave reaching there full potential…and dealing with bad behavior. 

AND they share there opening performance at Madtown KinkFest (where we had a great time!). 

Plus, people who hate the show, a love letter from an audience member, sex stories, and more! 

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EA322 - Path of Rhythm

Canes, paddles, floggers, and bare hands beating out a pattern on the flesh. Lee takes us on a journey into the heartbeat of the earth through desire, passion and connection, and then winds his way into how music ties us into our kink. Preparing for the Sacred Kink Initiatory Intensive in February, he reflects on rhythm scenes, and how when we do impact play, we leave an impact on the lives we live.  All music from this sensual and percussive episode is brought to you by the amazing S.J. Tucker.

Episode Notes:

Events Mentioned:

Sacred Kink Initiatory Intensive - http://www.bayareasacredkink.com/sacred-kink-intensives/

Episode Music:

SJ Tucker - http://SkinnyWhiteChick.com

Tricky Pixie – http://TrickyPixie.com

Tam Lin - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/tam-lin 

We Are Shangri-La - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/we-are-shangri-la 

Hymn to Herne - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/hymn-to-herne 

Firebird’s Child - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/firebirds-child

Book Mentioned:

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond
by Lee Harrington


Lee Harrington contact information:




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EA224 - BSing in Pajamas

This month on BSing with Barak & Sheba, discover what's a hitch in your giddy'up; what Poly means to each of us and why the two Bulls were standing on top of the hill.  We also talk about meeting people in for the first time, safe calls, and discuss playing in private vs public. 

 Plus, we talk about kinky bowling, hanging at the New 2 kink meeting, Winter Wickedness sales - and announce the Theme.  We talk more and more about Sheba's shoes and her favorite kink, and we introduce Sheba's new favorite Hitachi attachment. 

For more fun AIS Stuff? You can catch it all between these addresses:

AIS Website - http://www.adventuresinsexuality.org

AIS on Fetlife http://www.fetlife.com/groups/1913

Twitter - http://twitter.com/ais_org

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EA221 - Rituals of Our Tribe

After giving a recap of his tour with Mollena Williams for their new book, “Playing Well With Others,” Lee shares his emotional journey through the handing down of rituals. What touches us that is handed down by those who came before? What ways will we carry the work forward? From classes to rituals, connection to fetish, let’s touch into the Work, and also remember that we deserve excellence… and hotness/fun too!

See the full list of links and resources at http://www.eroticawakening.com/files/ea221.php

Lee Harrington contact information:

http://www.PassionAndSoul.com |http://www.FetLife.com/passionandsoul |http://twitter.com/#!/PassionAndSoul

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EA220 - I want to please you

This week, Dan & dawn discuss wanting to please a partner…when it is hot and healthy, and when it is not. And, our question of the day is related to sluts - being a slut and the word slut and if it can be a positive part of your life. 

Plus! Energy of lust, sacred sexuality, your play with dawn free card, and Barak the sadist.

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EA217 - Sex

This week, join Dan & dawn as they talk about SEX! 

Plus, they share a great interview with Mike Kleist, author of Secrets of Multiple Male Orgasm!  

AND also discuss naming your slave and our question of the day is about struggling to give up control. 

AND talk about the Kink Olympics, a book review at mpgourmet.com, and real tentacle porn! 

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This week, Dan & dawn as they take two questions about a Masters (or Dom) role and if they have any responsibility for a TPE relationship beyond the flogger. Dan gets all wound up and challenges Masters and slave, and they talk about punishment, and they share some stories about what works for them. 

Plus, new slave joins us to talk about what to expect at Kinky Kollege, Dan eats crow, the Purple Pit of Passion, two more projects, and rolling rolling rolling. 

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EA215 - Educational Excellence

With the world of kink growing, we deserve skilled educators, and skilled learners! Join Lee Harrington as he discusses learning styles, educational approaches, and ways to improve getting your needs met in sexuality-based (or really, any) adult education. From fun events and funny stories to a vast amount of resources, dive on into finding the best ways that you learn, the gifts that can be found by teaching from your authentic voice, and in doing so… craft excellence in education for all of us.

Find links and more information at http://www.eroticawakening.com/files/ea214.php

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EA214 - Feeling Owned Pt 3

This week, Dan and dawn talk about more ideas for power exchange people to feel closer (or ideas to just sex things up). Plus, we have a question of the day on the difference between poly, swinging, and cuckolding! 

Plus, listeners sends in hate mail, outdated books, and glass dildos. 

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