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EA032 - Exhibitionism On this weeks show, we bring in Anya, an exhibitionist. First she talks to us about being an exhibitionist, then she does it. Live in our studio.

We also review the blog Under His Hand, and Dan shares his views of what makes a Master slave relationship healthy.

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EA031 - Gorean Lifestyle Pt 2 This week we continue our talk with Bob and Elizabeth, real time Goreans. They talk about the difference between real time and online Gor and sex with Gorean slaves. And why 95% of Gorean relationship are male master/female slave based.

We also talk about the Fearless Love polyamory blog
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EA030 - real life Gorean relationships This week we have talk to Bob and Elizabeth, real time Goreans. They talk about the difference between Ms and Goreans, free companions, the Order of Nature. Are men better than women? Can you love property?

Then we review a blog called Dungeon Places. And wonder where Dawn is going to put that length of chain...
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EA029 - Ms Poly A packed show this week! We interview Master and slave 2009 title holders Master Kristina, Fink, and Esteban regarding Master+slave Polyamorous relationships! The also talk about competing in the Master/slave competition at GLLA (they won!)

We share some of our thoughts about Ms and about our Ms House, House Metta. And we talk about Dan’s new submissive, gem.

Also, we talk about a very interesting camping weekend at Kamp Kink we just returned from. And, our upcoming weekend at Adventures In Sexuality: Central Ohio Perversion Excursion.

We also review a bdsm love blog called Journey Into Submission
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