Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

On this special edition of Erotic Awakening, Cheri Michaels, Lady Lyn d Pomona, and Julian are joined by Raven Kaldera, Joshua Tenpenny, and Ruth as they explore the Touching Beyond Gender gathering.

The gathering included a number of workshops on gender and sexuality.  The group talks about topics including the theory and practical of being a sacred prostitute, rituals with energy aware people, therapeutic experience, the experience of gender, and more. 

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EA183 - M s Hodgepodge

On this weeks show, Dan & dawn talk about running a Power Exchange House, and some of the issues encountered when you run a TPE group. 

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EA182 - Solo Sex, Rough Sex, Connective Sex

Join Lee Harrington as he discusses rough sex, connective sex and solo sex as valid forms of erotic expression. Along the way we will look at enemas, masturbation, poly mathematics, safer sex, negotiation styles… and share a few pieces of poetic smut. From partners to lovers to loving ourselves, this week’s podcast is a journey into authentic erotic exploration.

Episode notes:

Lee’s Pagan and Poetry Website:

Sample Negotiation Form by Jay Wiseman:

Safer Sex Information:


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On this episode, Dan & dawn share some simple tips for lovers, and then are joined by Rob Alex, author of Sexy Challenges - Sacred and Sensual Experiences for Lovers who gives us 50 more! 

But don’t forget about the horsecock, lunch with Roger and Badbunny, getting into Barak & Sheba’s head, cuckqueen once more, and more! 

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Turn the tables on Barak & Sheba - they take questions live about them as we explore what made them into they kinky people they have become! Coming in June - http://powerexchangesummit.org/event/schedule/beyondtheclasses/


On this show, Barak & Sheba record from St. Louis and handle questions, including those that were asked while they were teaching at Beat Me in St. Louis

Questions like:

  • ‘Is it ok to be a bratty sub?’ and dealing with peer pressure
  • What is veto power in a poly relationship, and does it make sense?
  • Agreements and rules - do poly relationships need them? 
  • Dealing with Christian values and my kink life

Plus, sitting on my face; dawn perks up; the wet and hard test; Barak sings; Uminuat; yes? no Yes? no Yes? no yes? no; potential poly partners; technical difficulties cause ass porn; and cake!

Find everything Adventures in Sexuality at www.adventuresinsexuality.org

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