Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

This week, Dan & dawn talk to sexual shaman and energy dancer Kenneth Ray Stubbs on sexuality, energy, wisdom and transformation! 

Plus they tell you about some great events coming up! 

Plus dawn springs a question of the day on Dan about being Master of the Laundry!


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EA310 - Hodgepodge V

This week, Dan & dawn ramble about stuff from all over the place! No topic this time, instead tons of “stuff”! Although we do talk about our Question of the Day on realities of a Master and slave relationship, but we then careen all over the place on things like....

- new @blissbringers promo

- @Khloerosexxx does live kink

- awesome event for both sides of the slash

- Kinky Kollege and being human

- Bridging the Slash, a new retreat weekend that you have to attend!

- Hair cutting

- Turkey tits 

- The most complex dildo ever seen



And a lot more! 

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EA309 - BDSM Roulette 2

 Last March Lee was struck by the randomness on the internet, and used the experience as an opportunity to springboard between a varieties of topics. A year later BDSM Roulette is back with such subjects as “outing” of other people, anal play, leather contests and the difference between being “serious” and “solemn” in our sexuality. However, the absurdity of the internet also explodes in the form of “Sexy Platypus,” and of course, lemon whores. Join us as we explore human erotica through a roll of the dice and dive into subjects ranging from thoughtful to full of laughter (and sometimes both).

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This week, Dan & dawn talk with Master Severen on face slapping as a form of BDSM! 

Plus, we start off with a question of the day about how a slave can best deal with the situation of when master gets a new slave. 

PLUS cinimon butter tits, bdsm movie night, Kinky Kollege, and dawn replaced with a love doll

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EA307 - BS'ing while herding cats!

It's the first monday of the March, time for another episode of BSing with Barak & Sheba! We have finally come down from Winter Wickedness and are ready for some more BSing. This month's BS'ing We decided to get deep! Cause you know BSing before sex is the best way to do it... Join us for a little sexual tension as we answer these Kinky Questions -

1. Getting edgy with Humiliation & Degradation? What happens when the scene is over? Guilt? Shame? Or more Hotness?

2. Is being "Poly" just an excuse to fuck whoever you want? Is it just "sanctioned cheating?" Or is it more? What are some hints and rules?

We also talk about this coming week's Poly 101 class with PolyColumbus, then we're heading up to present at Ohio SMART, then the amazing time we are planning for the AIS April Fools Party - In March! for some big fun! Plus we talk about herding cats, the Embarrassment - Humiliation - Degradation Continuum, Love at the movie theater, Poly vs. Monogamous hearts... tune in for these things and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! BSing with Barak & ShebaWe're heading out to grab some pints of the new Ben & Jerry's Core ice cream!

Barak & Sheba

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