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This week, a special edition of Erotic Awakening as Dan & dawn are joined by Barak & Sheba as well as 6 more people in a roundtable discussion regarding the book “50 Shades Of Grey”. But what makes this discussion different is that everyone who joins us is actually involved in the BDSM & Kink community in real time. In other words, we’ve all done what you read in ’50 Shades’. 

We discuss what E. L. James got right…and what she got wrong. How realistic this book is and if anyone really has a “red room of pain” in their home. And, is this good news for the BDSM community? Does this kind of book really help people who are seeking to find there kinky self? How much murmuring do kinksters really do? 

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This week, join Dan and dawn as they discuss how real time 24/7 power exchange relationships can be strengthened and enhanced by including some formal time - and interacting with others in a formal manner. 

Plus, our question of the day comes from a listener who wants to know if there is a conflict for dawn between being a clergy person and a slave. 

Plus, we ramble around about this and that. And we are excited to be back on the air! 

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Dark fantasies and our own desires can be a challenge, whether we are on the receptive or giving side. Lee looks at two of his recent scenes, and examines his own processing systems and challenges you to do the same. Along the way he discusses energy bodies, identity, asking for our needs, changes in bodies after illness, and more.


Links Mentioned:

Sexual Fantasy Post: https://fetlife.com/users/24336/posts/679265

Events Mentioned:

ShibariCon (May 25-28): http://www.shibaricon.com/
Dark Odyssey: Fusion (June 20-25) - http://www.darkodyssey.com/fusion/
Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp (September 14-19) - http://www.darkodyssey.com/summercamp/

House Kheperu Gathering: http://www.kheperu.org/

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EA191 - BSing in front of a live studio audience

This month, join Barak & Sheba in a special live recording in front of an audience at Power Exchange Summit 2012! This episode feature Barak & Sheba taking questions asked by the attendees with a primary topic of tell us about Barak & Sheba!

Questions include: 

  • Would you prefer Brat Sheba to be more submissive? 
  • What is something that even Barak and Sheba would like to have at an event…but that they won’t
  • Is Sheba a good team member? 
  • Slapped in the face with a … moose…well, you’ll have to listen in. 
  • Is there a cuter baby than Barak?
  • Do Barak & Sheba ever play dress up? 
  • What is Sheba afraid of? And why is a white dress part of it? 

Plus! Stories of nip slips, Suzy Super Sub, looking for something ‘larger’, and more! 

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