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This week, Dan & dawn sit with Lucar and learn the skills it takes to be a BDSM top!

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EA244- BDSM Roulette

Welcome to the edge of random known as the internet. After being randomly struck recently on his trip down internet lane, Lee takes you on a journey into the internet through four searches: “BDSM,” “Rope Bondage,” “Italian Salad Dressing Fetish,” and “Frog Porn.” Along the way he discusses bondage passion and safety, modern art installations, transgender issues, kink 101, zip ties, and more. Let’s take a romp, and see where the tubes lead us!

Find links to everything discussed at http://www.eroticawakening.com/files/ea244.php

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EA243- How to Bottom

This week, Dan & dawn interview the wonderful Tish on the skills it takes to 'bottom' for a scene! It isn't all just laying there :) 

Plus, our question of the day ask should you ask about medical insurance cards when you negotiate a scene? 

Plus, fantasies of Liz, coffee cups, and more! 

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EA242 - subHaven

This week, Dan & dawn speak to the wonderful krystalyn about subHaven, a group of submissives of all experience levels and lifestyles seeking to support each other in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.

Plus, the return from Dallas and a wonderful time at South Plains Leatherfest - International M/s Weekend leads to a lot of rambling about how to do an event right, and we give you the scoop on the event! And the winners are…. 

Plus! dawn gets judgmental; Dan gets his balls chained; food on boobs; should you run for a contest?;  DFW Leather Corpse?; a listener question we can’t answer; and join the EA Staff as we open a new unpaid role! Intern anyone?

You can find subHaven at https://fetlife.com/groups/30407

And a special thanks to DFW Leather Corps for keeping us feed and watered! www.dfwleathercorps.com

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EA241 - BSing while the girl pleasures

This month’s BS'ing is our last podcast in the Fortress of Solitude!  Next month, we will be moving to a super secret location on the northeast side of Columbus.  What are we talking about this time?  Listen in as we get behind the mics to tackle all sorts of fun and kinky topics, like:

  • Why can't "No" or "Stop" be a safeword?  
  • What are the keys to a great scene?  
  • How do you keep a scene moving, or should it stop all of a sudden?  
  • What let's you know that the scene was great and satisfying for everyone?  Is it an Orgasm?  It is great chocolate?  Is their steak and lobster involved?  
  • How out should you be?  Does it matter?  What about your (and their) comfort level?

We also talk about the girl under the table; changing direction mid-stream ... or is that mid-scene; how do we handle the big triple 8; how does Ronco fit in to all of this; and finally did AIS hire DJ Grandpa to spin the turntables...   We talk about these things and more!    

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Barak & Sheba

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