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EA273 - Smokers

This week, Dan & dawn are joined by Roughinamorato (http://roughinamorato.com/), well known Chicago based presenter, to talk about Smokers! Smokers are a chance to “kick back with a cigar or two and cigar camaraderie with other kinky cigar lover” held around the nation! 

PLUS! Dan & dawn return from The Floating World; check out these toys http://www.wian-studios.com/Trouvere%27sToys.html from our front bump; Food on Boobs, the video!; and Steve from Rhode Island!

Find out about the next Chicago smoker here -> https://fetlife.com/groups/55753

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EA272 - Spaces, Places and Desire

Which turns you on more - sensuously appointed bedrooms or debaucherous public dungeons? Lee Harrington explores the wide variety of places people enjoy sexual play, from private to public, and looking at what works for you. From the great outdoors to hideaway love hotels, swingers clubs to private rooms built in your home, let’s explore where works best for you.

Places and Events Referenced:

The Floating World – Edison, NJ - http://thefloatingworld.org/ 

KinkFest, Portland, OR - http://www.kinkfest.org/ 

Power Exchange, San Francisco - http://www.powerexchange.com/ 

The Studio Dungeon, Chicago -http://www.thestudiochicago.com/ladies.html

Love hotels - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_hotel


Lee’s Upcoming Events/Appearances:


Lee Harrington contact information:





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This week, Dan & dawn talk with Karen, who is Dan’s other significant other and co-mommy of Ginger puppy, about our experience, trials, and solutions regarding polyamory! 

Plus! The Floating World; am I being flirted with; board games; Shatner & Nimoy at a kink event; COPE theme revealed; pixilated tentacles; listener voicemail; and a bunch of other podcast!

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EA270 - Fetish VI and TPE

This week, Dan & dawn have a great conversation about what is and isn’t a total power exchange as they dig into the list of 100 Fetishes again. Fetishes they discuss include humiliation, housework, shaving, and LOTS more! 

Plus, fan art, bat’s secret gift, donations, better late then never, and more! 

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On this month’s BS'ing we are podcasting with the Yeti! Yes, it's new microphone testing time. 

This week, we answer these Kinky Questions for Newer people -

1. My Partner and I filled out our Kink Lists, and they are totally different! How do we fix this impasse? or can we?

2. What kinds of toys and equipment should I have when I am brand new? What about pervertables, and making my own?

3. Any Advice for someone whose partner just asked if the other wants to dominate them?

We also talk about Play Poly; How to find the "Hot" and still "Bring it home Hot;" Can a pre-existing couple suddenly develop a power exchange? Does Barak's love of Broadway Musicals make him Gay? Omnisexual? or Metrosexual? How to break down a fetish or a kink into it's root or essential part? How does Douglas Kent's The Better Built Bondage Book fit into all this? Where do floggers and Cat o' nine tails really come from? We talk about these things and more!

Check it out and let us know what you think! 


Barak & Sheba

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This week, Dan & dawn talk to Feudal Knight about following a Viking based power exchange path! 

Plus, our question of the day addressed if subs should be vulnerable…and if Doms should too! 

PLUS! slave bren gets a bike; poly of the newbs; bliss bringers; tentacle tea cups; canes and sex for breakfast; stainless steel sex; and broken podcast! 

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