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EA234 - How to be a get started as a new Master

This week, Dan & dawn explore what it takes to be a Master in power exchange relationship and how to get started. And our question of the day comes at a good time as they explore event drop on the weekend before they do three events in a row!

Plus, Bad Dragon, 3D Hentai, kinky with cloths on, Kink Starter news, and lots more

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about talking naughty! How to do it, how to practice, and how to get started. And they talk a lot of naughty on this episode! 

Plus, looking for some sexting; dawn is still announcing email; website updates; Vampy and feet; and introcing…. Georgette! And secret messages for Will and Gryphons Den.


PXS 2013 special podcast listener pre-launch!

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EA322 - Path of Rhythm

Canes, paddles, floggers, and bare hands beating out a pattern on the flesh. Lee takes us on a journey into the heartbeat of the earth through desire, passion and connection, and then winds his way into how music ties us into our kink. Preparing for the Sacred Kink Initiatory Intensive in February, he reflects on rhythm scenes, and how when we do impact play, we leave an impact on the lives we live.  All music from this sensual and percussive episode is brought to you by the amazing S.J. Tucker.

Episode Notes:

Events Mentioned:

Sacred Kink Initiatory Intensive - http://www.bayareasacredkink.com/sacred-kink-intensives/

Episode Music:

SJ Tucker - http://SkinnyWhiteChick.com

Tricky Pixie – http://TrickyPixie.com

Tam Lin - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/tam-lin 

We Are Shangri-La - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/we-are-shangri-la 

Hymn to Herne - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/hymn-to-herne 

Firebird’s Child - http://music.sjtucker.com/track/firebirds-child

Book Mentioned:

Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond
by Lee Harrington


Lee Harrington contact information:




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This week, Dan and dawn talk about their experience with Slave Chats, Sub Roundtables, and Mast meetings. Do peer groups bring any value? And trying to have those conversations on Fet brings Dan to the edge of a rant. When it is ok to tell Master he is a dum dum? 

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On this month’s BSing with Barak & Sheba, we are podcasting in pajamas from the Fortress of Solitude!  What are we talking about this time?  Who knows?!  Listen in and find out the answers to these questions and more: 

~  Is Anal Sex dirty?  And how much Lube do you really need?
~  Does a The Slave Registry  (TSR) registered slave come with a guarantee?
~  Who was the Electric Jesus?
~  How to find out about Kinky Events and gatherings when you travel
and so much more…

Plus! A precursor to Winter Wickedness.  Anal Sex bottoming for Barak?  Sheba says, "You better respect my Authoritaaayyy!" The Great Big Ball of Flame at the AIS First Anniversary party.  Plus a newly registered slave speaks out.  Will their be a Drunken Podcast with Barak & Sheba? 

Check it out and let us know what you think!  


Barak & Sheba



For more fun AIS Stuff?  You can catch it all between these addresses:




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EA229 - Best of 2012

This week, Dan & dawn reflect on 2012. They talk about favorite episodes, favorites quotes, favorite scenes, favorite fan interactions, and best tentacle support fan! 

Plus, a great question of the day about playing with people at events and do you need trust to play? 

Thank you to The Playroom for the continuing support of Erotic Awakening! https://fetlife.com/groups/30275

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