Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

This week, Dan & dawn talk to Julian Wolf about hedonism! 

Plus, Twisted Tryst; is Fetlife more harm than good?(Feel free to friend dawn - dansarani or me - chg2winter on Fetlife) and a ring tone in a large meeting might be a problem…

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EA178 - Cuckold

This week, Dan and dawn talk to Demo & Ron on cuckolding! 

Plus, play party etiquette, 1 star ratings, judging at GLLA, tag clouds, Kink U, and podcast listeners traveling from Texas to Canada stop by and break bread! 

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EA177 - Thou Art Divine

In this month’s podcast, Lee is deeply touched by an essay by Foxfetch in a new anthology, and shares his reflections on transsexual deities. Along the way he opens up to the world his journey through gender, from queer to bi-gendered to transgendered to transsexual… to perfection and back to gender identity challenges. Join Lee as he reflects on divinity, creation myths, the shapes of universal power, and gives you a glimpse into how he processes it all- through tears, poetry and passion.

Episode Notes:

Gender and Transgender in Modern Paganism http://cerridwen.st4r.org/wiki/index.php/Gender_and_Transgender_in_Modern_Paganism

Foxfetch http://foxfetch.wordpress.com/

Starry Goddess Myth http://templeoracle.com/starry-goddess/

Reeldoe www.goodvibes.com/display_product.jhtml?id=1-3-BA-1203&kbid=148903

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about finding a slave - what do you look for? What does Dan look for? What should a slave do to be ready? Anything? How about we put together a slave resume? 

Plus, we discuss submissive shams,  enjoy our pictures from girlie, wait for our Horsecock to be delivered at Beat Me in St Louis, and talk about our Mad Libs that we posted. 

And news about Power Exchange Summit - sponsored by great people like you!  


Sweet Surrender Blog -  http://kitty-sweetsurrender.blogspot.com/

EA Mad Libs - https://fetlife.com/groups/44166/group_posts/2268233 

Power Exchange Summit - http://powerexchangesummit.org/

Dan’s reflections - https://fetlife.com/users/38535/posts/937278

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EA175 - BS'ing on the high seas

On this episode, Barak & Sheba record from a cruise liner as they return from international voyage! They answer questions on how they relax after an event, as well as how to tell if people you meet are kinky or not. 

Plus, french kissing dolphins, enormous breast that have good energy, the shocker vs the Spocker, getting hit by a sugar truck, and Sheba proclaims that None Shall Pass! 

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EA174 - Sacred Slut

On this weeks episode, Dan & dawn are joined by Barak & Sheba to discuss slut play…in a sacred and cherished way. 

Plus, a brand new Erotic Awakening Live experience is coming your way! Invisible boobies? And does this episode comes from you internationally?

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