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EA199 - 100 Ways to make your slave feel owned pt 1

This week, Dan & dawn start to take a look at a list of “100 ways to make your slave feel owned”. We talk about tips and hints (and if they work for us) such as...

  • Have her wear slave bells...
  • When she has broken a rule, talk to her as you punish….
  • Make her take her shoes off every day as soon as she enters your house.
  • A beautiful, special collar….
  • Whenever possible, have her kneel before you and ask to accompany you upon the furniture.
  • Have her get your daily wardrobe ready for you the night before.
  • Have her keep a diary of her journey into submission.

And even 

  • Reward her by giving her delicious pleasure.

And many others! 

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In this month’s short podcast, Lee has finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey and is truly angry.  Not about the bodice ripping, the tawdry plot line, or the unbelievable characters. He is upset that Christian Grey’s limits were not respected. Let’s talk about lines and respect, shall we?

#50shades #bdsm #kinky #kinkyforreal

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On this weeks episode of Erotic Awakening, Dan & dawn pick up a list of fetishes! What do Dan and dawn like? What do they need a guest on the show to talk about? D&D  talk about abrasion play, anal plugs and anal sex, animal roles, and bag gags. And then they talk about breath play (and ramble a bit about if it is dangerous) and ball stretching. We get lost talking about castration and wish we had chauffeuring, think about chastity devices, and wonder about Dan and forced feminization. 

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This week, Dan & dawn are joined in studio by Will and lisa, of the fantastic Board of Education of Detroit. They share on the topic, monogamy in the kinky or power exchange community! 

Plus! Our question of the day is in regards to the wonderful worlds of whips! Fortunatly, we get the wisdom of Michigan Whip Society to help us with that! 

Plus! Gift pictures, silly accents, and I can’t keep it hard…drive. 

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This week, Barak & Sheba broadcast for the first time from there new home studio! 

  • Do I really need to ask a Dom for permission to play with there sub after the sub already did?
  • How do you balance “new relationship energy” with the existing relationship? 
  • What should I be ready for as a first timer at an event? 
  • When do you bring up the fact that you are kinky when meeting someone new?

And are you ready for sex and rope in the July AIS/CORG rope intensive? 

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