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EA061 - Creativity instead of Compromise

This week we have a great chat with Ms couple and educators Auburn Landry and Devon DeLandry. They share a view of creating creativity instead of compromise in a power exchange relationship. Find out more about them at http://www.auburngoddess.com/

And we introduce a brand new segment on this show, "69 Seconds with Sarah Sloane"! She talks about one of our recent topics,'labels', and gives us a new perspecitve on it. We are thrilled to have this well known, experienced, and ethical sex educator and presenter sharing some sex positive education with us! Find out more about Sarah at http://www.sarahsloane.net/

And is dawn really going to strike out on her show? And did Dan really say that people who were new to spanking are brand spanking new? 

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EA060 - The Next Generation

This week, slave jem joins us to discuss the challenges that younger kinky people face as they enter the lifestyle. 

We also discuss if Dan is a sexy elder statesman, a kinky old fart, or somewhere in the middle. 

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EA059 - Labels in the Community

Do we need to catagorize each other? We speak with Master and slave 2009 title holders Master Kristina, Fink, and Esteban on labels in the community. We talk about how it can help us stay on a path...or limit us. They also call Dan a hippy freak! Is wife/slut/slave/clergy a lable? How do we get beyond labels? And they talk blowjobs that transend labels...

We also talk with Princess Kali, who tells us about Kink Acedemy, an educational website that allows people to see educators and presenters from a variety of backgrounds. 

Plus, Leather Leadership conference, our own site Frolicon reporter, a new contest, a burning man in Ohio, AND our new logo unveiled! 

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EA058 - Q&A pt 3

On today's show, Questions and Answers! We discuss various Ms and Ds dynamics, how often dawn and I have sex, where to find formal training, and if relationships should really be so hard.

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