Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

This week, Dan & dawn share the forth episode in a serious about feeling owned in a power exchange relationship. They discuss pros and cons around some ideas for helping your slave feel owned such as 

  • referring to themselves as third person
  • going to sleep with tongue wrapped around your privates
  • eating out of a dog dish
  • Is Masters word the last word?
  • Specify how they will address you in public and in private
  • write your name on the bottom of someones foot
  • toenail check!

and much more!

Plus, we are collecting your 2012 favorites, last years shows, and Dan’s dick! 

Thanks to The Playroom for their support! Check them out here -> https://fetlife.com/groups/30275

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This month, Lee looks into the words we use to label ourselves, as well as our desires, and compares them to the things we do. Heterosexual men who have sex with men. Polyamorous perverts who date only one person. Along the way he discusses how romancing men as a woman was different than romancing women or men as a man has been different, discusses gay and queer culture, and even sneaks in a personals add. Let’s look at our authentic desires, see where they match with our behaviors, and weigh out whether we are being true to ourselves.


Episode Notes:

Book Mentioned:

Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0937609587/ref=pass-20

Lee Harrington contact information:


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EA226 - Community

This week, Dan & dawn do an audio blog about the ‘Community’. Is there a kink community? Do we have leaders? Do we need them? Who is doing what to who? Did you see what Zuzu was wearing? 

Plus - not much else, we get right to it for a change! 

We are still hoping to see full funding of our latest project, Kink Starter -> www.kinkstarter.eroticawakening.com

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EA225 - Getting the play you want

This week, Dan & dawn talk about getting the play you want (and negotiations). Plus, they introduce the newest way to get that play via there newly created Erotic Awakening Kink Starter cards! And how you can get involved in supporting making this come to life! 

Plus, did dawn have sex; poetry on love to celebrate there 11th wedding anniversary “A letter to those I love... by a guy named stryfe”; and tons more! 

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EA224 - BSing in Pajamas

This month on BSing with Barak & Sheba, discover what's a hitch in your giddy'up; what Poly means to each of us and why the two Bulls were standing on top of the hill.  We also talk about meeting people in for the first time, safe calls, and discuss playing in private vs public. 

 Plus, we talk about kinky bowling, hanging at the New 2 kink meeting, Winter Wickedness sales - and announce the Theme.  We talk more and more about Sheba's shoes and her favorite kink, and we introduce Sheba's new favorite Hitachi attachment. 

For more fun AIS Stuff? You can catch it all between these addresses:

AIS Website - http://www.adventuresinsexuality.org

AIS on Fetlife http://www.fetlife.com/groups/1913

Twitter - http://twitter.com/ais_org

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EA223 - Working with past trauma in a non-standard relationship

On a special episode of the Erotic Awakening Podcast, join Jasmine St. John (LMFT) & Jay Blevins (LMFT) as they interview Dan & dawn on integrating and working with past trauma in a thriving BDSM/Kink/power exchange relationship. It is a very personal look into the past of both Dan & dawn and the journey they took together to get through some wreckage of the past to being the happy and adjusted (and pretty kinky) couple they are today.  

Jay and Jasmine are both therapists focusing on alt-sex, kinks and fetishes in Madison, WI.  

Jasmine St. John, LMFT - www.jsjtherapy.com

Jay Blevins, LMFT - www.awentherapy.com

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EA222 - Fetish List III - Always Wanting More

On this weeks episode, Dan & dawn go through more fetishes from the ‘100 BDSM Fetish list’! What kind of fetishes? How about Uniforms, Verbal Humiliation, Gags, Blindfolds, Videotaped Scenes, Beating hard and soft, being served sexually, and wrestling! 

Plus, they sit down and talk to the team that puts together Always Wanting More, a fantastic group in Chicago! 

Plus! Surprising Barak; the new EA resource page; collaring candy; and the Blackest Friday ever. 

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EA221 - Rituals of Our Tribe

After giving a recap of his tour with Mollena Williams for their new book, “Playing Well With Others,” Lee shares his emotional journey through the handing down of rituals. What touches us that is handed down by those who came before? What ways will we carry the work forward? From classes to rituals, connection to fetish, let’s touch into the Work, and also remember that we deserve excellence… and hotness/fun too!

See the full list of links and resources at http://www.eroticawakening.com/files/ea221.php

Lee Harrington contact information:

http://www.PassionAndSoul.com |http://www.FetLife.com/passionandsoul |http://twitter.com/#!/PassionAndSoul

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EA220 - I want to please you

This week, Dan & dawn discuss wanting to please a partner…when it is hot and healthy, and when it is not. And, our question of the day is related to sluts - being a slut and the word slut and if it can be a positive part of your life. 

Plus! Energy of lust, sacred sexuality, your play with dawn free card, and Barak the sadist.

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EA219 - Kinky People

This week, Dan & dawn spin some tales of people from there past. They interview need2bepunished and they talk about appearing on People of Kink. Plus, the answer an election question - can a master make a slave vote a certain way? 

You can find the People of Kink podcast here -> https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dan-dawn-from-erotic-awakening/id537839331?i=123560318

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