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EA167 – Transformation

This week, Sir Top takes you along the journey after a very successful chest surgery, sharing thoughts, feelings, emotions and excitement with this most important change in life.

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about spanking this week! Getting started, technique, styles, and why it is the easy way to get started into erotic pain play. 

Plus, an interview with the amazing Jack Rinella, where they discuss his new novel, "The Dionysian Alliance - A Novel of Sex, Religigion and Murder"

Plus, free ticket for TransCampOut! Free you say? I do, I do! 

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EA165 - Sacred Sexual Shamanism, Fire and Connection

This week, Lee Harrington chats with O on Sacred Sexual Shamanism, Fire and Connection!

O can be found at: https://fetlife.com/users/99790


Sacred Sexuality Beltane - http://turtlehillevents.org/beltane/index.html

Dark Odyssey: Fusion - http://www.darkodyssey.com/fusion/

Fires of Venus - http://turtlehillevents.org/firesofvenus/

FetFest - http://fetfest.com/

Lee Harrington contact information:




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EA164 - Long Term Success - Part 3 of Typical Stages of a Power Exchange Relationship
On the 3rd show of our 3 part series on Typical Stages of Power Exchange Relationships, Dan & dawn take a look at what a long term successful M/s or TPE relationship looks like. It comes out like a love story...

Plus! Our Question of the Day addresses what is a Masters cover (with thanks to this great article by Sarah Sloane)? 

And! Want to get your woo-woo on with your kink? We talk to slave alena about South West Leather Conference - you've only got a few days left to register! 

Want more? Ok, pet play, swinging bdsm'ers, links galore to tentacle prawn, and Dan blow'd up the internet! 

South West Leather Conference - http://www.southwestleather.org/
And find all the links to tentacle porn on our posting in the Erotic Awakening Fetlife group called...Erotic Awakening! https://fetlife.com/groups/4306

On this episode, Barak & Sheba ring in the new year with questions on…

    • Do relationships based on sex actually work?
    • How do I deal with jealousy? 
    • Should fear be part of Ds? 
    • Got any new years resolutions?

      Also! Anal hooks vs nose hooks, Cheetah dies, Star Wars, unnecessary suffering, and your last chance for sex….apolusa! 

        Sex Is article -> http://www.edenfantasys.com/sexis/sexual-health/truth-is-better-than-fiction-1230111/

        Adventures in Sexuality -> http://adventuresinsexuality.org/

        Sexapolusa -> http://www.sexapalooza.ca/shows/columbus_2012

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