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EA289 - Graydancer's Leather

This week, Dan & dawn share a great conversation with Graydancer on his view of Leather. If you’ve always been ‘iffy’ or curious or insanely positive you are the keeper of the One True Leather Way then you’ll really enjoy this conversation. This is one of my favorite interviews we’ve done in some time! 

Plus, our ‘black friday special’ is a 50% off some erotic writing from a podcast listener! Check out the end bump for details. 

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EA288 - Needs Wants Desires

This week, Dan & dawn talk about needs, wants, and desires, and share some of their personal items from those list, as well as how they got there. 

Plus, our question of the day turns into a 3 minute eyes closed reflection on Buddhism! 

PLUS! Dildo trophy wall; courage; 8 day trip; coming to BOE LAL KISS and other acronyms! 

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EA287 - Energetic Connections and Psychic Feeding

Ever have erotic or personal connections that leave you drained? People you engage with that wire you up, or leave you feeling icky? Let’s look into energetic compatibility, resonance, compatibility, and consensual psychic vampirism. Lee Harrington takes us on a journey through the question of what to be aware of when connecting on an energetic level with others – in scenes, in sex, and in life at large.

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This week, Dan & dawn complete their review of the ‘100 BDSM Fetish list’! We talk about spreader bars, high heel worship, hoods, hot wax, initiation rites, interrogation, kidnapping, lecturing, teasing, triple penetration, and more!!!

Plus! Beyond The Love is hours away, mermaids with tentacles, and octopus on your clit!

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EA285 - BS'ing in Public

It’s that time again, time for another episode of BS'ing with Barak & Sheba! This time, we are podcasting for in the morning! Yes, it's been crazy busy this time of year, getting registration open for Winter Wickedness Check it out as we answer these Kinky Questions -

1. What Should I expect at a big kink event, like Winter Wickedness

2. Sheba, tell me about what it is like to switch?

3. How about some advice for playing in public?

We also talk about Winter Wickedness; The Poo-Poo Platter of Kink; how much of a Brat Sheba is; The upcoming November Meet n Greet; What the heck is Beyond the Love; who are the keynote speakers, and how do you get there? Why is the Cock & Pussy test just like Toucan Sam? What our first event like? Why we have meat at the events? We talk about these things and more!

Then on the Video version of Kinky & Curious Podcast, we answer the question - Subspace - What is it and how do I get there? Check it out!

Last Chance for Beyond the Love Tickets! Join us for Central Ohio’s first polyamory conference - just 2 weeks away!!


Barak & Sheba

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