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EA025 - Mistress Simone On this weeks show, we interview Mistress Simone, a professional dominatrix of 17 years from Chicago, IL. She talks about how she was mentored, her interview process, and more. Is that spanking in the background?

We also talk about an upcoming polyamory blog and other exciting things we are doing. Rarr!
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EA024 - Castle Griffin On this weeks show, we talk to the members of Castle Griffin, a Ms based polyamorous educational service household.

We also hear about the upcoming Adventures in Sexuality: COPE event and listen to a short promo for JUJUN, the new audio book by Graydancer
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EA023 - OneTantra EA023 - OneTantra

Dan and dawn speak with the creators of the erotic community OneTantra.
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EA022 - Sensual Spanking Dan and dawn discuss the art of erotic spanking. If you are interested in using it as a style of foreplay or as an act within itself, join us as we discuss some of the ways to get started, how to approach your lover, hand techniques, bringing focus, the
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