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This week, Dan & dawn share an interview with Fran I Am on coming out HIV positive*. It was a great conversation and helped to educate Dan & dawn - we hope you find it educational too! 

Plus, our question of the day is about cute BDSM moments.


PLUS we talk about Mischief in May; we talk about Stefanos & Shay; we talk about interactions regarding Living M/s; we talk about passion; and we talk about Bridging The Slash (which is in June no matter how many times Dan said July - -https://fetlife.com/events/236088)

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EA319 - More Spankings Please

This week, Dan & dawn talk about spankings! Why does dawn enjoy it, how to do it safe, and if they are 'real' BDSM. 

Plus, our question of the day is about how to have a power exchange relationship and keep the loving spark going.

Plus, The Daily Flog, The People of Kink reunion party, a Mischief in May keynote preview, and lots more! 


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It's a little past the first Monday of the May, but we finally got it all out there.  That’s right, it’s time for another episode of BSing with Barak & Sheba!  We had a great time in April – Bsing with Mom, but we just got off the phone with Shock-Jock – Loper from The Blitz – 99.7FM here in Columbus, and will be on the air for an interview and some Rope Fun… Friday May 9th morning, around 8:30am for who knows what kind of hilarity!  Plus, on this month’s Kinky & Curious Podcast – BSing with Barak & Sheba we talk about what is going on with AIS, and answer these questions-  


1. If a submissive calls their dominant – Sir or Ma’am, what does the D-type call the sub?

2. What is Top Space, and how can we get there? 

3. If you squirt… how and where should you do it?  Can you squirt onto the Main Playspace floor?    


We also talk about Barak & Sheba’s power exchange – and why Barak gets the small letter; Being on the Radio; what kind of connection allows you to label another person;  The The AIS Big Bash(https://fetlife.com/events/240372) and the AIS May Meet n Greet (https://fetlife.com/events/245210)   Plus - COPE Tickets(https://fetlife.com/events/199610) go on sale on May 30 – which is the first night of PXS - the Power eXchange Summit!https://fetlife.com/events/213087   Tune in for these things and more!    

Check it out and let us know what you think! 


Twistedly, Barak & Sheba

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This week, Dan and dawn share about events that focus on power exchange relationships, like...the upcoming Power eXchange Summit! How do these events differ from kink events? And what can you expect at this one? 



PLUS Octopuss ice cube trays, Masters in jail, and using Dan & dawn, and more! 

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