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EA279 - Mistress Simone and the Enema

This week, Dan & dawn are joined again by the fabulous Mistress Simone as we talk about enemas! 

And our Question of the Day is about how to deal with those poly breakups. 

PLUS! Free CD’s; Woot!; House of Thalarious; sexy hand fastings; Louisville in the news; Poly Leaders; and Ginger the presenter! 

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This week, Dan & dawn are joined by the fabulous Roughinamorato again with a fun and funny interview on releasing your inner sadist! 

And our question of the day is about how to help your partner be loud in bed! 

Plus! Phil’s fudge; Ginger makes fudge; Kinky Olympics are coming; El Butterknife!; and all the episodes are back!

And “The enemy of boners is thought”

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EA277 - Community Memory and a Thin Veil

Though Halloween is a month and a half away, Lee just decorated for the season. It’s time to pause this time of year to reflect on the history of the kink community through the lens of those who have passed away, and our community history. From AIDS to accidents to time that has elapsed, we remember those who have gone before, clearing the way for folks to dress up in sexy dominatrix costumes during this holiday season. With sweet and sad stories alike, he dares you to take up the challenge of not forgetting where the current kink communities came from.



GRID: Gay Related Immune Deficiency Disorder - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay-related_immune_deficiency
Cleo Dubois Essay appeared in Spirit of Desire - http://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Desire-Personal-Explorations-Sacred/dp/0557992419/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=pass-20
60 Minutes Michael Jackson Episode - http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50154584nKink Coming Out Day, September 28th -http://www.kinkcomingoutday.org/ 
International Fetish Day - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fetish_Day
BDSM Pride Day - http://bdsmprideday.com/
Crucible, DC - http://www.the-crucible.com/front.htm
Burningman - http://burningman.com/
Burningman Clown Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM8RR9AEzjo&feature=youtu.be
Surreal porn clown pic - http://www.SurrealPorn.com 

Books Mentioned

When Santa Was A Shaman - http://www.amazon.com/When-Santa-Was-Shaman-Christmas/dp/156718765X
Leather Folk - http://astore.amazon.com/pass-20/detail/1881943208
Urban Aboriginals - http://astore.amazon.com/pass-20/detail/1881943186
Life, Leather and the Pursuit of Happiness - http://www.amazon.com/Life-Leather-Pursuit-Happiness-community/dp/0984300228/
International Mr. Leather: 25 Years of Champions - http://www.amazon.com/International-Mr-Leather-Years-Champions/dp/1887895388/
25 Years of Living in Leather: National Leather Association 1986-2011 - www.amazon.com/Twenty-Five-Years-Living-Leather-Association/dp/0985900407/
Leatherman: The Legend of Chuck Renslow - http://www.amazon.com/Leatherman-The-Legend-Chuck-Renslow/dp/1461096022/

People Mentioned

Remembering Ayem Willing - http://PassionAndSoul.com/journal/ayem
Kung Foole Proverbs - http://plkstables.org/kquotes/kfp
Lola Montez - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lola_Montez
Mick and Dee Luvbight - http://www.Luvbight.com
Lochai - http://lochaistine.com/

Extra! Learn some BDSM History

Leather Archives and Museum - http://www.leatherarchives.org/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leather_Archives_and_Museum
Carter/Johnson Leather Library - http://www.leatherlibrary.org/
The Oral History Collection at LA&M - http://www.leatherarchives.org/collections/oral/oral.htm
BDSM History Project - http://www.backdrop.net/sm-201/index.php?title=Time_Line
Cynthia Slater - http://www.theslatersociety.org/dedication.html
Tony DeBlase, by Jack Rinella - http://www.leatherarchives.org/collections/oral/tony.htm

Now… do your homework. Go talk to someone, learn their stories, and remember those beyond the veil.

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This week, Dan and dawn are joined by the crew from the Bliss Bringers podcast to talk about progress swingers! And they educate Dan all over the place! 

Plus! Where to vacation? Incredibox! And lots more! 

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This week, Dan & dawn have a chat with Graydancer, and talk about GRUEs and being a kink presenter and Kink Academy and consent and all kinds of stuff! Find out where the original kink podcaster got his start! 

Plus, a question of the day asking ‘Before you get started in an M/s relationship, what is one thing you should do?’ (first heard on last weeks ‘BS’ing with Barak & Sheba’ but this time hear the D&d spin on it). 

PLUS! New subscribers to the newsletter but who left?; Roughinamarto got it wrong?; the sound of being pixalated; Food on Boobs for breakfast!; GLLA; how to say Melborne; and more! 

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EA274 - BSing Into Orgasm

It's time!  You know you want to hear what's gonna happen next... On this month’s BS'ing,we are podcasting with the right before COPE!   Yes we are in high gear for COPE... and talk about some of the things we will be doing prior to it!  

Questions this time around include 

1. What if your partner can only orgasm once?  Can that still be used in orgasm domination and D/S? 

2. Can you "fake" being vanilla?  Should you?

3. What's that one thing we would advise people entering a M/S or D/S relationship?

We also talk about The Floating World; How much fun we had at GLEE; When orgams is a mutually beneficial arrangement; Hints at what be happening at Wicked; Will there be a Main group Meet n Greet in Sept?  When was Barak's birthday?  Is the Yeti insertable?  Sheba the size queen... We talk about these things and more!    

Check it out and let us know what you think!  

Barak & Sheba

For more fun AIS Stuff?  You can catch it all between these addresses:

AIS Website http://www.adventuresinsexuality.org

AIS on Fetlife http://www.fetlife.com/groups/1913

Twitter http://twitter.com/ais_org

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