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EA262 - Intense BDSM

This week, Dan & dawn talk about intense BDSM scenes - scenes that leave a mark on your beyond just a bruise. And they talk about what Dan says is the most intense scene he has ever seen - with Tiffy, the person who was bottoming to the scene! 

PLUS Karen stops by to help us announce the next big thing Dan & dawn are working on! 

PLUS a Question Of The Day asking if you should be poly; Ginger the puppy gets voicemail; food on boobs that you can count; the Canadian stalkers come to America; secrets of Christen BDSM, and more!

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EA261 - Stange BDSM Toys

This week, Dan & dawn talk about some of their favorite unusual toys from the BDSM toy bag!

And they talk with Ming, the inventor of the awesome Erotic Adventurer Travel Kit! Go check it out at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-erotic-adventurer-s-travel-kit

Plus! Geeking it out at Origins; the new voicemail number; a Boy Sue; and birthday cake on boobs?

PLUS find out about the DSR - the Dom sub retreat, lead by Dan & dawn! Find out more about that at http://www.get-teased.ca/DSR.html

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EA260 - Kinky Camping Success

It’s summertime! Having done kinky camping events for well over a decade, a bit obsessively so, Lee takes you through his packing lists, proposals, concepts and ideas on how to make your kinky camping as successful as possible. Is licking bug spray a good idea? Do people really bring inflatable hot tubs when they camp? What can you do in the woods that you can’t do in the dungeon? What do I wear? Sharing stories along the way, we journey from backyard BBQs to outdoor fetish festivals, and remind each other to stay hydrated.

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This week, Dan & dawn talk to Vesper, a presenter and part of the Twisted Tryst crew! 

Plus! Cheese on boobs; Live Journal; other podcasters; running into people who think they are not who you are; and more! 

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about the Slave Journal. They talk about how to use this specific style of “slave log” as a tool for greater connection - to develop a Masters trust in a slave, as well as a slaves ability to serve. 

PLUS! Chip sends in 17; mid west flair; we can’t stop talking about PXS; Mmm slave yin; and more! 

Plus, we talk about this post from Gabiella http://giftofgabriella.com/2013/05/30/awakening/

and Mr O’s bad cat scene https://fetlife.com/users/11772/posts/1566191

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EA257 - BSing in a Primal Way

On this month’s BS'ing, we are podcasting from the 'Burbs.  Listen in as we get behind the mics to tackle all sorts of fun and kinky topics, like:

What is happening with COPE Sales?  What you wish you were told before going to your first play party?  What are the keys to a great scene?  How do you keep a scene moving, or should it stop all of a sudden?  What let's you know that the scene was great and satisfying for everyone?  and What being a Kink Presenter is all about!

We also talk about Sheba the Dirty Girl, Barak the house slave, Why did Barak & Sheba become presenters?  What are those lower abdominal muscles called?  Why don't we play to the crowd?  Is it ok to stop and watch?  Looking into the eyes of mutual assured destruction...   We talk about these things and more!    

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