Welcome to Erotic Awakening, an informative and entertaining exploration of all things erotic. From sacred sexuality to fetishes, Power Exchange and polyamoary, BDSM to erotic spirituality, non standard relationships to alternative love styles, as well as simply fun kink.

This week, Dan and dawn talk to Janet Hardy about her new project, “Girlfag: A Life Told in Sex and Musicals” 

Plus, the Question of the Day is a fantastic one about self image in the scene - can a big girl come out and play? Can it be a healing journey?

And, disappointed by the lack of freezing to death, return from Canada with fudge, coffee cups, a very special ringtone, and looking for friends in London.

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EA172 - Ask a slut panel

Join LadyFish as she interviews, roasts and otherwise harasses BigBadJim, Tillie, and Lee Harrington at the Westward Bound 2012 formal dinner Ask A Slut panel. From fears in slutdom to sluttiest moments, boot sluts to art sluts, laughter and slutyness to serious slut stories, the slut is ON! Come hear how they roll in the British Columbia kinkdom.

Episode Notes

The players:

Big Bad Jim – https://fetlife.com/bigbadjim

Tillie – https://fetlife.com/Estrellada

Lee Harrington – https://fetlife.com/PassionAndSoul

Ladyfish – https://fetlife.com/Ladyfish

Events and groups mentioned:

Sagacity - http://sagacitygroup.net/

Primal Pain - http://www.primalpain.com/

Metro Vancouver Kink - http://metrovancouverkink.com/

Westward Bound - http://www.westcoastbound.ca/

Dark Odyssey (formerly Leather Retreat) - http://www.darkodyssey.com/


Lee Harrington contact information:




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EA171 - Dungeon

On this episode, Dan & dawn share about favorite dungeons! From "home improvments" styles to big events, what makes a dungeon fun to play in - or not so much fun. We start off with a review of the Modern Dungeon Quarterly magazine! 

Plus, our question of the day involves is it ok to wear a lesh to a party if it is only for fetish sake? 

Plus, we go to school, we get breast, and we offer an international offer! 

Links? Sure! 

Modern Dungeon Quarterly can be found at http://moderndungeonquarterly.com/

Obscurantista is found at http://subpage.wordpress.com/

Looking Through Us at http://lookingthrough.us/

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This week, Dan & dawn catch up on questions regarding power exchange relationships...and actually provide some answers (and opinons and rants and wild tangents)! When can you claim to be a "Dom"? What is the importance of a collar? And more!

They also speak with Nick, one of the great people behind TransCampOut!

Plus! Eros Gathering, secret messages, Adult nursing, guess who got married, and dawn gets pleasured with a tentacle finger!

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On this episode, Barak and Sheba give us a post event break down, only a few hours after wrappening up three days of Winter Wickedness.

Plus, Barak kisses and tells, Sheba indulges her sadist, dungeon bitches, Doug the Donkey Dong, screaming pain into a who-who, leaping Dread Pirates, filming for the Kink Academy, and "if the shoe fits...buy it in 3 or more colors".

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EA168 - Uniforms

This week, Dan & dawn interview Deus on Uniform play!

Plus, a REALLY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, specifically for Erotic Awakening podcast listeners - one week before we go public, we tell you about Power Exchange Summit!, a three day event for people in and interested in Power Exchange Relationships...presented by Dan & dawn!

Links mentioned in the show 

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