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EA212 - dawn's sex toys

This week, Dan & dawn take a look in dawn’s sex toy box and see what they find. From dildos to vibrators, what does dawn like? 

Plus, our question of the day is related to lower cases for slaves; we get more tentacle porn to share; we return from Philadelphia; and we get licked all over the place! Read an article about vibrators of all types and watch someone ride a Sybian at www.eroticawakening.com

Special thanks to Clitty Cat for giving us a place to lay our little heads, and for our wonderful host in the city of brotherly love! 

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EA211 - Shifting In Our Open Hearts

Through a great week reconnecting with a partner, Lee reflects on the fact that polyamory isn’t always easy. Our desires shift, our realities shift, and behavior does not always match identity. From sexy stories to encouragement to construct your own ideal relationship, this episode encourages you to look inward, look outward, and embrace your dreams… even through the muck and the mire.
Links Mentioned:
Poly Guacamole – http://passionandsoul.com/journal/poly-guacamole
An Experiment in Power – http://passionandsoul.com/journal/experiment
Dark Odyssey.com – http://www.DarkOdyssey.com
Lee Harrington contact information:

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This week, Dan & dawn bring you the fantastic Bendyogagirl! Our conversation flows from BDSM, Power Exchange, Taoism, and more! 

We also address two more ideas from the ‘100 things to make my slave feel owned’ list (much to the annoyance of a certain fetlife thread). AND we talk COPE, Scarlet Sanctuary, and tentacles for external use only!

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EA209 - Tickle Me

This week, Dan & dawn talk to the wonderful Bella about tickling! She shares all about it, about 'lers and 'lees, and great sites like Tickle Abuse and MTJ Publishers, and more! 

Plus, they start off with a conversation about topping from the bottom vs asking for what you want; they handle a question of the day about punishment vs “funishment”; hear feedback from Argentina and England; and lil squishy shares a wonderful personal reflection, which made us *sniffle*

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Big show this week! After taking a week off, Dan & dawn are back with a great interview with Kasie Cunningham, the author of Conquer Me. And they answer a question of the day regarding tattoos. And why bother to go to events revisited! 

PLUS - Dan talks naughty, dawn finds George (kinda), the October listener challenge, Manor Gear, and wow did we have a great time in Indianapolis at GLLA! And time for you to have a cup of coffee with Dan & dawn? Why not? 

Special thanks to our new uber awesome sponsor Manor Gear!

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This month, join Barak & Sheba as the take on questions such as: 

- “Controlling my need to submit?”

- “How do I, as a newbie, get started? Get involved?”

- “How do I know if I’m a switch?”

- “Do you have any pointers for a sub learning via the internet?”

PLUS so much more! Buckets of eggs, floor to ceiling COPE, looking like Boymeat, Barak’s secret fetish, the M/master O/of Y/your D/dreams, and October secrets revealed! 

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