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EA036 - Ms Protocol This week, we have a replay of the Ms Protocol presentation that dawn and I did in central Ohio a few weeks ago. We also have our first 'squee!' moment with being reverse star struck and dig on awesome vendors Brian and Dottie Wolf from Needle Play Design.

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EA035 - Erotic Talk On this weeks show, we explore sweet words of love and naughty talk in passion. We also chat with award winning author Anneke Jacob and talk about the wildest time in the past two thousand years.

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EA034 - Scarlet Sanctuary This week Karen talks to us about the Scarlet Sanctuary, a sacred sexuality space found in the middle of a BDSM event. We also chat about mixing erotics in general.

We share about some upcoming events and say 'absolutely' far too many times.


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EA033 - Too Much This week on Erotic Awakening, we discuss when and where we draw the line. Also, we have sex blogger Judy in studio to discuss her erotic path.

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