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This week, Dan & dawn interview Daddy Scott and Benjamin on power exchange relationships, kink, and Judaism! Join us for a fascinating chat! 

Plus, dawn gets all judgmental, and is everyone in the hospital?

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This week, Dan & dawn finish off a long series of trips, returning with some great interviews. This week we talk to Nikkita and Ursula, who have been of a journey that results in a big change - Nikkita is scheduled for gender reassignment surgery in just a few days! 

Plus, a question of the day that looks at where our service to the community starts. 

And! A “rock star” pickup, autographed boobs, Phil’s apple pie fudge, Dan plays, dawn plays, and Dan plays, 50 words for balls, and a clit wearing a tentacle mustache. 

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Axe (from the ever-kinky MasoCast) joins Lee to dive into his journey through submission that started off leading him by his orgasms, and helped him find his inner desires and interests along the way. That’s not to say the orgasms are a thing of the past… at all. He shares his struggle with explaining power exchange to folks outside of kink, trying to find compatible people to connect with, and fear around losing a dominant partner because of love. By the end of the episode, Axe even shares tips for men pursuing female dominants that he learned the hard way. Let’s look at how service to others can lead to finding a sense of self, and how a nice guy from a small town found himself amongst the maze of want-ads and bathtub cleaning scenes.

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This week, Dan & dawn talk about what a Master in a power exchange relationship needs to do to support there slave reaching there full potential…and dealing with bad behavior. 

AND they share there opening performance at Madtown KinkFest (where we had a great time!). 

Plus, people who hate the show, a love letter from an audience member, sex stories, and more! 

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This week, Dan & dawn are recording from the mobile studio from Madtown Kinkfest! They talk to Lily Lloyd about sexting and other next smart phone naughty and power dynamic tricks! 

Plus! A bat report, cards in the mail, and more!

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EA235 - BSing while blasted!

On this month’s BS'ing we are doing the Drunk Podcast - like we promised! What are we talking about this time? Who knows?! Listen in, find out what happens when Barak & Sheba get behind the mics while drinking, hear us going on and on, slurring our words and trying to guess the answers to these questions -

What is in Boss Bondage's Backyard? Is it the ACLU? The NAACP? Heck no! It's the ASPCA! Why the slogan, Just Do it? Just Take It? What the heck is IT anyway? Does shutting up quash your authentic self? And much more!

Also find out how jealousy can erode the foundation of your relationship; why Sheba & Barak want to buy an assisted living facility or an Old Folks community; what is call and response topping?

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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