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EA057 - What does poly look like

This week, we speak to Mim Chapman about poly styles in modern relatonships. She talks about the five models of polyamory and more.  

We also chat about dawns field research into swinging, dawn going to an event as a participant, dawn sleeping with a famous podcaster and presenter, and dawn's boyfriend. Was Dan on this episode? 

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EA056 - Fire

On this weeks show, Xtraspecial Tom talks about the art of fireplay. 

Also, we talk about a small ethical dilema, Amanda goes to Frolicon, more sex coming up, listener comment of the day, dawn wears a collar at Wally World?, a Japanese collaring, and is a handjob on the podcast too slutty?

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EA055 - Chatting with slaves

This week we sit with a number of Ms lifestyle slaves and talk about some of the fantasy vs reality aspects of being a real time slave. We talk about the 'naked slave girl' fantasy many of them shared and ask them if they would still do it, if they have out grown it, or if they feel like a failure if they don't want it anymore. 

We also have an interview from slave retreat, an event dawn attended some time back with Castle Griffin. You can hear dawn sounding sad when she says it is time to go home. But they talk about the goal of a slave retreat at Castle Griffin. 

We also thank our new technical crew (even if they don't know we recruited them).

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EA054 - Lifestyle

In the last few weeks, we brought you Sacred Kink, then Sex is Fun, so now we add the question of "Is this is a lifestyle?". 

And we also sit down and chat with the fantastic Sarah Sloan (http://twitter.com/SarahSloane) and Mollena Williams (http://twitter.com/MOLLENA) from our time at Dark Odyssey to the sounds of slap and tickle and moans in the back ground. We discuss another aspect of the lifestyle - recovery in the lifestyle. 

But wait, there is more - a quick conversation with Jsin, of Beat Me In St Louis, on that upcoming event. Great event, and time is running out to decide if this is what you make this one!

And! I describe a scene with dawn in graphic details. *Rarr* And use her moans as a segway. 

We wrap all that up with a "shout out" to all those great Chicago people. And coffee. 

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EA053 - Sex is fun

On this weeks show, we talk to Kidder Kaper from the Sex is Fun podcast and discuss how fun sex can be - and how to make it fun. Kidder talks about saying no ("I've never enjoyed saying no") and monogamous group sex.


We also talk about our recent trip to Washington DC and wonder what kind of sex involves baloons and needles...

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