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Every week, get to know international presenters and power exchange experts Dan & dawn as they bring you an aspect of erotic life - from “how to” sessions by well known instructors; interviews with highly regarded experts and presenters; event reviews from around the nation; to all of their erotic adventures!

Jul 29, 2013

This week, it is a special edition of the podcast! The host of Erotic Awakening, Dan & dawn, join forces with Dark Angel and Knot Nice from the Dark Side podcast AND Crazy Heart from the People of Kink podcast for a panel discussion in front of an audience. Find out all our secrets to podcasting, the best and worse...

Jul 25, 2013

This week, Dan & dawn talk to Trouvere all kinds of stuff, like sex’ing via the postal service, why vampire fantasies don’t work, vanilla and beyond, and more! 

Plus! Our question of the day addresses how to take care of your toys, and what Orange Hankies really mean! 

PLUS! dawn wants to go to cane school; bottoms...

Jul 18, 2013

This week, Dan & dawn share more thoughts and experiences from the list of 100 Fetishes! This time they are covering fetishes like - being given away; hair pulling; ear plugs; following orders; golden showers; group play; tongue baths; and MORE!

PLUS! Dan has a new mistress?; dawn does ALL the podcasters; TEASE...

Jul 6, 2013

This week, Dan & dawn interview Knights Of Mist (Marc on making your own list to assist in your power exchange relationship! 

Plus! We return to a question of the day on males that want to be treated more female - and we actually have someone answer who has an answer! 

Plus! Good day,...

Jul 3, 2013

On this month’s BS'ing we are doing the podcast mash! We are audio and video podcasting at the same time! Check out the BSing Video Podcast here ->

as we answer these Kinky Questions for Newer people, such as…

1. My partner wants to be spanked. What should I do?
2. Top,...