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Every week, get to know international presenters and power exchange experts Dan & dawn as they bring you an aspect of erotic life - from “how to” sessions by well known instructors; interviews with highly regarded experts and presenters; event reviews from around the nation; to all of their erotic adventures!

Dec 30, 2011

Dan & dawn take a look at 2011 and talk about the - 

  • Best Scene
  • Best tentacle porn
  • Best M/s experience
  • Best orgasm
  • Best podcast episode
  • Best event
  • Best movie
  • Best presenter
  • Best podcast guest
  • Best listener

And more! 

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Dec 23, 2011

The Erotica Awakening podcast welcomes our newest host, the Perverted Negress, Molenna Williams!

Mollena is joined by Dan & dawn as she shares a rant about "protecting" submissives, Zen and laughter, fetlife, what can a dom learn from a sub, that holiday thing, Ganesh, owning yourself, and lung flukes. 

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Dec 19, 2011

In this episode of Erotic Awakening with Lee Harrington, Lee discusses ideas including what is edgy, earth/air/water/fire play, what collars and covers mean to us, the use of language, and more.

Folks/events mentioned:

Dec 16, 2011

On this episode, Dan & dawn discuss how to find a BDSM play partner....and how to say "No" when it is time to say no. 

Plus, Southwest Leather, Sexapoloza, and dreaming of a tentacle sex xmas.


Dec 8, 2011

In this episode of Erotic Awakening, Lee Harrington interviews Lady Pandion, Scott (Silent1), Doug (yojimbo), Preston and Becky, after the 6 of them were part of the Sacred Kink intensive “Circles of Kink” in Ft. Myers, Florida. The conversation dances from event debriefing to personal exploration, fiber magic to...