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Every week, get to know international presenters and power exchange experts Dan & dawn as they bring you an aspect of erotic life - from “how to” sessions by well known instructors; interviews with highly regarded experts and presenters; event reviews from around the nation; to all of their erotic adventures!

Jun 4, 2013

On this month’s BS'ing, we are podcasting from the 'Burbs.  Listen in as we get behind the mics to tackle all sorts of fun and kinky topics, like:

What is happening with COPE Sales?  What you wish you were told before going to your first play party?  What are the keys to a great scene?  How do you keep a scene moving, or should it stop all of a sudden?  What let's you know that the scene was great and satisfying for everyone?  and What being a Kink Presenter is all about!

We also talk about Sheba the Dirty Girl, Barak the house slave, Why did Barak & Sheba become presenters?  What are those lower abdominal muscles called?  Why don't we play to the crowd?  Is it ok to stop and watch?  Looking into the eyes of mutual assured destruction...   We talk about these things and more!